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"The Hosting Couple"
CD "The Hosting Couple"
AED0007, 2012

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"Canvey Island"
vinyl Single
AED0002, 2011

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"The Children on the Hill"
CD "The Children on the Hill"
Monkey, 2009
MONCD059 (Digipack)

video "The Children on the Hill"

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"Coach Number 12 of 11"
CD "Coach Number 12 of 11"
Wohnzimmer Records, 2008

video "I Believe You"
video "The Frankfurt Kitchen"

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"Before the Water Wars"
CD "Before the Water Wars"
Wohnzimmer Records, 2006

video "Schengenländer Die!"
video "Now That I'm Here"

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"Shambles Grove"
CD "Shambles Grove"
Survival Of Defeatist, 2004
species 003


"The Boy's A Fool"
7-inch "The Boy's A Fool"
Survival Of Defeatist, 2002
species 002


"A Different Cup Of Fish"
CD "A Different Cup Of Fish"
Survival Of Defeatist, 2001
species 001


"The Fun Is Now Over"
double 7-inch "The Fun Is Now Over"
Klein Records, 1996
- sold out -


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